Friday, April 28, 2006

North Dakota Loses Appeal; "Walker, Texas RangerĀ®" Mascot in UND's Future?

It might not be the "Fighting Sioux" for much longer. Friday, the NCAA denied North Dakota's appeal concerning their allegedly offensive mascot. North Dakota has threatened to take legal action against the NCAA if the decision stands. I have to say I've heard both sides of the argument in this one and I still don't really care either way. Personally I don't really see the mascot as being offensive, but I can also understand that some do. With the future of the Fighting Sioux looking grim, I thought I'd help get North Dakota fans started with some brainstorming for new mascot ideas:

North Dakota Fighting Raptors * Weren't there a lot of dinosaur fossils found up in the badlands? A North Dakota tradition for 65 million years.

North Dakota Fighting Irish * The jerseys are already green anyways, and no doubt there's an awful lot of drinking going on up in Grand Forks.

North Dakota Fighting Snoopies * Red Baron's arch-enemy. With a mascot as unique as this one, they won't be confused with North Dakota State anymore.

North Dakota Fighting Ethnic Minorities * Nothin' offensive about this one.

North Dakota Fighting Canadians * With ten Canadians on the roster, this might not be such a bad name. Minnesota is basically a Canadian province, and there's 11 Minnesotans on the roster to boot. Maybe this isn't such a bad name after all.

North Dakota Fighting Gamblers * Rather than offending Native Americans, encourage gambling at their casinos!

North Dakota Fighting Seagals * Here's a great solution to UND's problems. Steven Seagal always seems to be pretending to be a Native American in his movies. Using a white man's name to represent an Indian people? Brilliant.


North Dakota Fighting Texas Rangers * Like Seagal, action star Chuck Norris pretends to be a half Indian crime fighter in this entertaining TV series. The Texas Ranger badge design would look spectacular on UND jerseys. As an added bonus, less courageous squads may be afraid to suit up against a team who's mascot is so proficient in the martial arts.


At 2:13 PM, Anonymous gmf1a said...

How about some Sesame street action here?

Fargo North - Decoder

or maybe
The North Dakota Grand Forks?

At 8:42 PM, Blogger Runninwiththedogs said...

Oh man, you haven't posted in awhile, and you come out with this gem? I love it!

At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck Norris could wipe out the entire Sioux population with one roundhouse kick.

At 7:40 AM, Blogger USAFA Bulldog said...

Good post, but one problem.

The Badlands are in South Dakota. :D There's probably enough friction between the two.

At 9:11 AM, Blogger csmith10du said...

I love this! My favorite was the NoDak Fighting Snoopies....thanks for the link! you have a great looking blog, it's a wonderful read. I look forward to the season to come and the meetings of the greatest rivalry in Colorado sports!

At 8:51 PM, Blogger Goon said...

Actually the Badlands are in North And South Dakota. Medora, ND is a good place to go if you want to see the ND version of the Badlands.

At 7:58 PM, Blogger Peter said...

hahaha good stuff. I would vote for the ethnic minorities myself. However it's possible to suggest the Fighting Whities right? Oh wait, describing the color of pretty much every hockey player and person in the midwest is offensive...either way, what they heck are they gonna with the 5million Sioux logos in that luxury arena of theirs??!!!!!


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