Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sertich Included In Hobey Finalists

The ten Hobey Baker finalists were announced, and the big surprise is that Marty Sertich was included. Not to take away from Marty - he's had a very good season and he's a special player - but not many people expected him to make it with his 48 points and CC's relatively disapointing season thus far. I don't have enough time to do any real analysis of the list, but here it is (I'll write some more on it later):

Matt Carle - Jr., D, University of Denver
Chris Collins - Sr., F, Boston College
Andy Greene - Sr., D, Miami University
Brian Elliott - Jr., G, University of Wisconsin
Greg Moore - Sr., F, University of Maine
Scott Parse - Sr., F., University of Nebraska-Omaha
Ryan Potulny - Jr., F, University of Minnesota
Marty Sertich - Sr., F, Colorado College
Brett Sterling - Sr., F, Colorado College
T.J. Trevelyan - Sr., F, St. Lawrence University

Congrats to Marty and Brett on being named finalists.

Another note: Check out the blog for the Nottingham Pandas (Not enough time to set up a link so wanted to give a shoutout):

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